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Industrial Application of Neodymium Magnets

Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet material is the representative of rare earth permanent magnet material. Differ by different production processes, it can be divided into sintering and bonding types. The sintered Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet material is prepared by powder metallurgy process. The pre-sintered material is made into micro powder, pressed into billet, and then sintered. It has the characteristics of high magnetic energy products, high coercivity and high working temperature, The application industries of NdFeB magnetic steel mainly include motor, generator, etc.

At present, high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet materials are mainly used in the fields of new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection. The application industries of NdFeB magnetic steel include wind power generation, new energy vehicles and auto parts, energy-saving frequency conversion air conditioning, energy-saving elevator, robot and intelligent manufacturing.


The core technology of NdFeB magnets is mainly reflected in the manufacturing process, which is specifically reflected in the uniformity, consistency, processing quality and coating quality of its products. As the third-generation rare earth permanent magnet material, Nd-Fe-B has high performance price ratio. It is widely used in energy, transportation, machinery, medical treatment, it, household appliances and other industries. Especially with the development of knowledge economy represented by information technology, it has brought new uses to the rare earth NdFeB super magnetic steel industry and other functional materials, which has brought a broader market prospect to the NdFeB industry.


Magnets are everywhere - and many places that you might not realize. As you look around in the consumer and business world, magnets are found as holding devices, closures, latches, or right in front of you as signage.  The signs above you at the store or in line at the cashier are often held up by flexible magnets or magnetic channel assemblies.  Purses and cell phone holders many times have neodymium magnets (rare earth magnets) as closures.  Of course all electric motors have a magnet too!

Perhaps the descriptions in this section will inspire you to create new applications in new industries.

Main Applications

-Computer Hard Drive Magnets
-Magnetic Pump Couplings
-Door Catches
-Magnetic Suspension
-Motors & Pumps (e.g. washing machines, drills, food mixers, vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, medical devices, servo motor, micro motor, vibration motor, VCM, CD DVD-ROM)
-Generators (e.g. Wind turbines, Wave Power, Turbo Generators, etc)
-Halbach Arrays
-MRI and NMR applications
-Magnetic Separators
-TWT (Transverse Wave Tube)
-Magnetic Bearings
-Lifting Apparatus
-Limpet Pot Magnets
-Starter motors
-ABS systems
-Fans Eddy Current
-Meters (electric energy meter, water meter)
-Magnetic Clamps
-Magnetic Levitation
-Electro-acoustic pick-ups
-Catheter assemblies and components
-Catheter tips

-Surgical components and minimally invasive devices
-Endoscopic assemblies
-Hard disk drives
-Electric motors in cordless equipment
-Stage sound
-Car sound
-Permanent Magnet Mechanism Vacuum Circuit Breaker
-Magnetic Holding Relay
-Magnetic crane
-Magnetic machine
-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Instrument
-Magnetic Resonance Imaging
-Medical Equipment
-Magnetic Therapy Health Care Products
-Magnetization Energy Saver
-Magnetized Wax Corrosion Inhibitor
-Pipeline Descaling Device
-Magnetic Fixture
-Automatic Mahjong Machine
-Magnetic Lock
-Raft Gift Packaging
-Audio Equipment
-Lifting Large Loads
-Business Displays and Signage
-Do-It-Yourself Projects
-Home and Wall Décor
-Stationery and Business Supplies

Main applications

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